Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ecological and Mural Workshop at the Ballard Locks in Seattle.


Explaining the concept of Toxics Entering our Waterways:
The ecosystem and then our human activities that allow molecules such as pesticides and heavy metals that affect our Salmon and water quality we drink.
Working with the Girl ScoutsVolunteers are awesome

Friday, October 17, 2014

I want to thank Camas Ridge Elementary for giving me the opportunity to be the artist for this project. I also want to thank all the students for participating. We can all say that this is our mural!
In the Spring of 2014 we met during "community time classrooms" to sketch, brainstorm and develop the design. During the Summer I purchased the materials, finalized the design and drew the black outlines. When School began in the Fall every student had an opportunity to paint and help on the creation of the artwork. This has been one of my most successful projects because I was able to work with the entire student body of 420 students. Together with the helping hands of volunteers we all colored the panels using a mixture of acrylic paints and a waterproof polyuratene, which created a permanent watercolor aesthetic.

This mural, 'The Triangle of Values' was installed and unveiled in the front entrance of the school with a musical celebration.

Downtown Languages Mural Painting in Springfield, Oregon. 2014

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Escola la Candela

Estuve dos meses y medio en España, Francia, Italia y Holanda. Mi meta era pintar murales en estos paises Europeos y ademas hacer contacto con universidades, organizaciones de arte para establecer trabajos en el futuro. A largo plazo deseo pintar un mural en cada continente y me gustaría realizarlos con las comunidades enfocando el medio ambiente de cada región.

Mural en Valls, Catalunya, España.
Los estudiantes de la Escuela la Candela dibujaron animales y plantas de su país de origen. Cada niño y niña de 3 a 12 años ayudo a pintar este mural en Octubre del 2010.